( written 12/4/1980, recorded May 1980 ~ 3:49 )
A moody thing, penned during my stint as bassist with "English Electric".
We recorded a hideously over-produced version of it at Cargo
Studios in Rochdale.  You can find that HERE.

This is my demo - I prefer it, even though, being a 25+ year
old quarter-track tape, it suffers from flutter, drop-out etc.
I haven't got round to recording a new version yet !

Now the war is over, they're taking down the barricades.
And I'm nearly sober: there isn't time to be afraid.

Have you any notion of what to do now we are free ?
They stole my emotions, and I don't need the rest of me.

Don't come to me and say you've got a plan.
If you're looking for a leader, choose another man.
I've got no time for causes: I lost mine yesterday.
I don't want to hear your reasons. Please, just go away.

So we're on our own, now. We've lost, just as I thought we might.
Disconnect the phone now, lock all the doors, turn out the light.

The war is over.....  (rpt.)

N.B.:  The final line may ring familiar to anyone who's seen "4 Weddings".
It's pure coincidence:  in 1980, I had never read a word of W.H.Auden.