( written 1980, backing track February 1982, vocals and organ 2003 ~ 2:26 )
This mellifluous, lilting ballad was true of its targets back in 1980.
Now, I respectfully dedicate it to whomever is in office.

It's only an image, a well-made fake.
Believe in what I show you, for the truth's too hard to take.
You're a victim of deception:  the whole thing's a sham,
But it's easier to cope with than what I really am.

I'm a quick-change artiste in a perfect disguise.
I'm a cold-blooded extrovert who never, ever cries.
I can show you an existence free of pain or decay.
Take my hand and step this way...

Make your selection and take your seat
For the Fantasy Offensive as reality retreats.
Pick another colour, choose another frame.
Close your eyes and forget your name...

Become your ideal, give up Honesty for Art
And you can make believe the world isn't falling apart.
Don't take off the make-up or the clothes you wear,
Or you might just discover that there's nobody there.