CARLSBRO STINGRAY (2-channel/100Watts/spring reverb)

When I first started playing bass, I had a 1960s VOX AC50 head driving two ENORMOUS reflex bins ( provided by my brother Steve from his PA rig ) - impressive to look at, but highly impractical.  The 'throw' of those bass bins made me singularly unpopular with the neighbours, and although I loved the AC50 to bits, I had to accept that it was never designed as a bass amp: its input stage would overload easily, making it impossible to get a clean sound at decent volume.  So...and please try not to judge me too harshly 1977 I went down to Danny's music shop and part-exchanged it for one of these:

A solid-state amp with no character whatsoever.  Nevertheless, it served me very well over the ensuing years, handling everything I threw at it with perfect reliability, day after day.  It was used on all my songwriting demos, for every type of instrument ...even vocals.  I made a few mods along the way, improving the input stage S/N with ultra-quiet op-amps, tweaking the EQ circuits and finally re-building the whole thing into a custom flight case.  It went in the 1989 burglary.

N.B.: When I part-exed my AC50, I got £50 for it.  Recently I saw one just like it in a music shop - typical mid-60s job, rather tatty looking - and felt a pang of nostalgia.  Guess how much was on the price tag...   SEE PRICE