FARFISA Mini-Compact

One of my very first purchases: in 1974, I think.  £60 from Hessy's in Liverpool. You'll hear this used on nearly all of the tracks on this site. I modified mine heavily, making the vibrato adjustable for speed and depth, adding a control to vary the voltage supplying the tone circuits ( as it was reduced, they would slip wildly and weirdly out of tune with each other - great fun! ) and replacing the simple on/off voicing switches with a set of six faders, effectively creating adjustable drawbars for each voice.

It was a typical 1960s transistorized pop instrument: bright, hard, clean and gloriously unsubtle - characteristics put to good use in tracks like "THE BEDSIDE MANNER".  If you want to hear this baby at full throttle, though, check out "OPEN".  Just make sure any nervous animals are out of earshot first.