PEAVEY TB Raxx  Bass Pre-amp

Something of a classic, and one that I'm very pleased to own.  Obtained as as swap from a fellow bassist: I wanted his TB Raxx, he wanted my Ashdown compressor and £20!

This is a true all-valve pre-amp, and sounds like it.  The only silicon devices in it are the power supply rectifiers!  There are two ECC83 gain stages, each with its own EQ. Stage 1 has a passive Fender Bassman-type tone stack, while stage 2 uses a 3-band active setup.  Apart from a few boost switches, that's it.  Like most Peavey gear, it's built like a tank and never breaks down.  I love it.

To find out more, download the user manual:
PC/Win:  Right-Click the picture and choose "Save target as..."
Mac OSX:  Ctrl-click and choose "Download linked file"