TRACE ELLIOT VA350 with GP11 Pre-amp

A classic Clive Button design from the golden age of Trace Elliot, this is the hot, beating heart of my current bass rig, producing 350 Watts from six 6550A.  I got her (without the GP11) in 2007 for a mere £125 as a "spares or repair" project, and she spent several weeks on my bench, being thoroughly overhauled, modified and tested before I could use her in anger.

Initially I used her purely as a power amp, driving her from a pair of rack-mount pre-amps, but in December 2008 I was lucky enough to obtain an original GP11 Mk1 pre-amp module for her, so now she's complete.

I still use a separate pre-amp, though. I like running my basses in stereo (i.e. one channel per pickup), so I have one pickup going through the GP11 and the other via my Peavey TB Raxx all-valve pre.