Mania VTB - 4BS

Fitted with ArtecSound SE3PA pre-amp

Bubinga body
5-piece laminate thru-neck
Kramer Humbuckers
Active EQ
Rosewood fretboard with MOP inlays.

Meet "Woody" !

Found on eBay, he was a real bargain. Already great value for money at the list price of £369, I snaffled him for a mere £176 - including the very nice lightweight TKL hardcase you see in the pictures.

As supplied, he came with a 2-band active EQ stage and the pickups were hard-wired in series.  I fitted ArtecSound 3-band EQ circuitry with parametric midrange, and now the pickups have series/parallel and single-coil switching options.

To hear a sample of what he sounds like, use the flash player below.

Mania VTB-4BS
Mania VTB-4BS
Mania VTB-4BS
Mania VTB-4BS