( backing track 4-11/6/1984, organ added 2003 ~ 2:25 )
Never having been on drinking terms with the STAX brass section, I achieved a fair imitation by feeding the Roland SH-101 synth via the MuTron III and letting it overload.   The organ is MIDI-generated.

Originally a backing track for the lyrics of an unhinged acquaintance, this now provides a spangly backdrop for my incarnation as 1960's nightclub Hammond-maestro.

Musitronics MuTron III
envelope shaper / filter
(that's auto-wah to you and me).

This picture shows a modern copy, made by HAZ.

Its circuitry is completely different from the original, but the controls are basicly the same.

Place your mouse over them
to see what they do.
Low/High/Band Pass Filter - (new version has Notch as well) Cutoff frequency Input sensitivity (called GAIN on the original) In/Out Low/High Freq. Range  'WA' or 'AW' effect Power On/Off