( backing 1981, new vocals and synth strings 2003 ~ 3:11 )
A cryptic little number, about realising too late
that you've thrown away something good.

The solo synth demonstrates the MuTron III  rather well.

Help me, I'm falling fast.
Everything's going strangely
And I'm hoping that this isn't what I think it is.

Trapped in an elevator
We're going to hit the basement
And I've just remembered something that I wanted to say...

Here in the dark, I remember how you came:
Gentle as a shark, playing little children's games.

There's no time for anger.
I notice every movement.
Was that a fleeting smile or just a nervous twitch ?

Beaten up in the doorway.
Physical education.
The sky is broken and the stars don't shine.

Here in the dark....etc.