( written 1980, backing 20/5/1982, re-edited and vocals added 2003 ~ 4:07 )
Toward the end, this track should have a screaming Sax solo,
but I can't play Sax and I don't know anyone who does ....do you?

You lied to me.
Y' trying to make me feel guilty again?
Oh!  Here I go - over the hill.
Nothing can stop me now.

There's no point trying to explain,
You never listen to me anyway.

Is that a new dress?  No...?  I didn't think it was.
I know exactly what I've done.
I'm not going to argue.
Arguments make me mad.
And when I'm mad I get argumentative
And I break things.

You've been messing around,
Spending my money,
Drinking all my home made wine.
Well I've had enough!
Is that clear, dear?

I'm going out.
Mind your own business where.
Don't tie me down.

No, I don't know what time I'll be back,
But when I DO get back,
I wanna meal
And I wanna shag
In that order.

Waddaya mean "if I can manage it" ?
I'd have you for breakfast, woman.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well don't just stand there laughing.
Do something.
Call an ambulance!

You lied to me.
You said it wasn't loaded
And now I'm bleeding all over 't brand new rug.
D'ye think we're made of money?
It's off 't catalogue
And we haven't finished paying for it yet.

Oh! Here I go - out of this life.
Nothing can stop me now.