( written 7/6/1980, backing track 28/7/1982, vocals 2003 ~ 2:10 )
The raucous merry-go-round we call life
is a riot of fun  -  for those who can stay on.
For the rest, there's always a strutting messiah ready
to salve their disillusionment with easy answers.

On the edge of insanity, you'll find a place
Where the reason for winning gets lost in the chase.
Are you really the person you wanted to be ?
Everything's easy but nothing is free.

The boys are too clever, the girls are too smart.
Their tricks and deceptions will tear you apart.
Love is an afterthought; sex is a race.
Stay out of the running if you can't stand the pace.

Just follow your leader, be faithful and strong.
Support him, promote him, he cannot be wrong.
Open your thoughts to him, open your mind.
Open your heart to him.  Keep your conscience blind.

You'll be on approval, he's got you on trial.
You've nothing to lose, so plead guilty and smile.
If he doesn't talk much, it's just that he's choked.
The remains of his victims have stuck in his throat.

An earlier backing track demo for this song can be heard HERE.