( written 1982, recorded 1983 and 2003 ~ 4:21 )
The synth-like throbbing note featured in this song
was produced by feeding the Farfisa organ into
my favourite effects unit:  the MuTron III

Day and night I wonder what to do
To keep myself from thinking about you.
There's nothing on the TV but somebody else's problems and the war.
The memory of our time together haunts me and I can't take any more.

I'd call my friends but they've all gone away,
And anyhow I've nothing much to say.
They'd only ask me how I'm coping and the reasons why we had to part
And I'm not gonna bore them with the tearful story of my broken heart.

Time and again I say "forget it, 'cos I don't know what love is anymore."
But still I fear I'm going to regret it if I let it walk out the door.

Come back in another year or so
And this will all seem oh so long ago.
I'll be on my feet again, I'll prob'ly have somebody else in mind,
But someone who could make me feel the way you did will be so hard to find.

I don't know why I fall in love at all.
I'll try to be away next time it calls.
But then again, it could be just the person I've been needing all along
And I couldn't face the loneliness of thinking "well, maybe I was wrong."

TIme and again....etc.