( written 1980, recorded 2003 ~ 5:27 )
He doesn't look much like the boy I knew:
Such a lovable spirit, such a physical wreck.
I watch from across the room, without the courage to say hello.
He wouldn't thank me for it, anyway.
He's got a friend and a place for the night.
Man at the bar buying him drinks: the same old lines, they never fail.

Life in a vacuum...love in vain...empty spaces - all that remain.  (rpt)

He always did just what he wanted to,
Knew the risks and took them just the same.
He knew just how and when to turn it on: I still remember it now he's gone.
I remember how we used to be,
I made him laugh and he made me strong.
He took me out and he took me over, without a word - not even goodbye.

Life in a vacuum....etc.

They left about an hour ago,
And I'm still here with my empty glass.
No-one wants to know me tonight, so I'm alone - but that's alright.
Driving home, feeling weary and drunk.
My wife's in bed: the kids are asleep.
She doesn't ask me where I go. She's never said it....but I think she knows.

Life in vacuum....etc