( written 1980, recorded 1983 ~ 4:40 )
Words inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,
but sadly applicable to many another human tragedy.
Nationalism...cultural identity...'ethnic cleansing' - it's all in here.

In the shadow of betrayal we have entered a nightmare.
I found myself screaming in a foreign tongue.
Bewildered and frightened: instinctive behaviour.
Try to accept the conditions as normal.
Like watching a film: a clinical study.
It didn't decay, it was there from the start.
From the moment of birth: a lifetime sentence.

Why did we travel to this dangerous country?
For self-satisfaction?  As a means of escape?
Nobody finds the situation amusing.
Conflict and passion in a communal house.
Wherever you look, it's hard to ignore it:
Ideals are distorted, the balance unclear.
Total absorption, so much energy wasted.

Tired of playing the role of the victim,
But have you learned nothing after all you've been through?
Watching the children as they grow into soldiers.
Don't tell me God wants it: he can speak for himself.
We can talk about promises and people and history,
But everyone's got their own version of truth
While you wait for some heaven-sent Final Solution...